Me Too…

Time magazine arrived today with a cover story concerning the sexual harrassment allegation being leveled at a great many powerful men.

I have to wonder just how many of these allegations are true. There have been a number of these guys who have admitted their invokvement, but most have denied the allegations and are calling the women liars. I can only hope that this is not a publicity stunt by some… I really hope.

Why Not Me

Thoughts on mass transit.

I ride our mass transit (Bus and MAX) often and have yet to see any aggressive acts or plain overt violence. Now I am not complaining, I am thankful that there hasn’t been any real trouble, but I am ready. To ride mass transit and not be prepared to defend yourself or your love ones is not wise. Friends and my wide tell me that they seldom Do Not see some short bursts of violence at least every month. Listening to them tell their little storioes makes me more aware of those around me, on or off the bus or the MAX.

My  little note here is to voice my thoughts and to wish every rider a safe trip.