Pacific Northwest Fires

The summer of 2017 has been a hot season. The weather has given us some uncomfortable days which has been fought with the purchasing of large amounts of fans and air conditioners, but yet there are places which have been getting no relief, our forests. More than 100,000 acres of forest land in Oregon has been consumed by the flames of forest fires. This land has always been held dear to all Oregonians, land held close to the heart, this is the land that makes the state special, land which defines the “Beaver State”. As I sit here typing my mind’s eye plays for me interchanging scenes of lakes and rivers surrounded by tall fir and pine trees, then the scene changes to those same trees being consumed by flames. My mind’s eye also shows me pictures of animals dying, eaten alive by the flames or dead from smoke inhalation.

Tonight and every night wish in your heart that the fires come to a swift end, whatever deities you believe in will hear you and may grant your wish.