2018 Has not lived up to my expectations?

The year is more than half over and there are still fools ranting about the past Presidential election… I fail to understand why. We need to use that energy and talent for the next election on November 8, 2016

Women are continuing to complain about male co-workers making sexual comments to them. When I was younger those comments were considered “flirting” and if a women did not like what was said she would state “LOUD and CLEAR” to stop, embarrassing, yes, did the public action work, most of the time. If the verbal rebuff did not work, then a hard slap most likely would. And talking about slapping, when I was loading my soldiers onto truck, trains, or aircraft I wacked each one, man or woman, on the butt to count them, as they loaded. Did this cause any trouble, “NO”.

Touching a member of the opposite sex in an inappropriate manner has always been wrong, this is not new. The first-line supervisor needs to be notified as a matter of record keeping and necessary actions taken.

The present dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un has been a problem since he took the leadership role, and he will continue to be a pimple on the Presidents butt.

The war in South West Asia is continuing in one shape or another, it needs to come to an end for U.S. involvement. Please write and call your Representatives and Senators, and don’t forget to write the President… he needs something else to do (read your letters) besides acting out.

There are many more things out there that should be changed or at least looked at, but I am getting tired, so I’m going to go eat dinner and watch some TV.

Everyone take care until this old man writes again.


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