It wasn’t too long ago I was stopped by a young man who asked me for ID. I didn’t know what to say to him, but I wanted to know why he was asking. He was dressed as a security guard with a “Smoky-The-Bear” hat and a nice blue uniform, but a bad attitude. He said that I should go back outside as the stores do not want transients around the customers. Now I might dress toward the far end of casual, but I currently am not a transient. I wear jeans (old), mostly T-shirts with a message, old brown shoes, a brown wide brim hat, oh – and I have a beard… I’m 68 years old. As I was getting ready to tell this idiot where he should stick it another security guard stepped up and ask if there was a problem. The first guard told him I would not follow his instructions and that as a transient I needed to leave the area. The second guard looked at me, smiled and told me to have a good day and to continue into the store area. Later-on I saw the second guard sitting on a bench and I asked him what had been the other guards problem. He told me that the other guard had been having problems with customers all day and his encounter with me was his last, the shift supervisor fired him.

I felt bad about this the rest of the day.

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