Murder: Age to prosecute as an adult

Every time I read an article in a newspaper or magazine concerning the age of a young person (14-17) committing a murder and not being prosecuted as an adult I feel sick. I believe that when a minor plans and carries out an act of murder there needs to be the strongest form of punishment applied. I don’t mean strapping a juvenile on to a table and using the chemicals we use now to execute him or her… no that is not what I’m advocating. The time for the execution should be timed to occur one day after the murderers eighteenth birthday. This little change in our laws would go a long way toward showing both families that the child who committed the act, regardless of age, would get the ultimate penalty for their crime.

There are going to be those who will argue that a child (below 18 yoa) does not understand what they are planning, nor do they understand the act itself as the ending of a human life. Those who want to try to rehabilitate the child into a productive person are kidding themselves and are taking a big chance that the rehabilitated child/person will not kill again. These kind-hearted folks are allowing the now rehabilitated person to fall into the same problem areas minus the players from before, and will allow them to make the same choices and murder again.

I  do not support life in prison with no chance of parole, we do nothing more than allow the prisoner to live to a ripe old age at the cost of the taxpayers.

These are my beliefs and feelings, good or bad.  The ball (your beliefs and feelings) is in your hands ready for you to express on your blog.

Have a good evening, Karmadoc

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