I wanted to start this blog with something controversial, other than politics.

It hasn’t been more than a day (Wednesday 14, 2017) since James T. Hodgkinson tried to reduce our government by shooting a few Republican members of Congress. I’m not completely clear why he decided to take on the Republican side of Congress in this manner and at 4:00 AM, was he planning to visit the Democrats too? If he had waited a few hours he may have had better luck with visiting Republicans who came to watch. I played baseball during my years in school (and after school) but I cannot remember ever being on the field at 4:00 AM, no one loves baseball that much.

I also have to wonder why no one saw Mr. Hodgkinson walking around (outside) a sports field with a rifle, what were the security guards doing, eating donuts and drinking coffee?  There must have been more people around watching these skinny old men play ball. The news media must have had at least one reporter, with camera, recording for posterity our law-makers trying to hit a ball and run (walk) around the bases. I am thinking that these guys (women?) would have had their staff, with cameras, there on the off-chance that someone hit the ball or made a dramatic catch.

Your probably asking what does this commentary have to do with firearms? Just think if there had been a few citizens with permits to carry watching our Congressmen practice their game at 4:00 AM. What if security had been better there may not have been anyone hurt.

Please leave a comment, tell me what you think.

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