New Beginnings

June 14, 2017 11:37 PM PST

I’ve been writing on WordPress for a while (years) and quit a few months ago because what I was writing was getting old and stale. At that time I was having PTSD issues (make war no more) and ongoing problems with Diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease, not a fun time.

I know the few readers that were still with me (Thank You) were getting tired of the same old drivel, so now I am going to start anew. I’ve toyed with deleting the site and giving up, but I did not like that idea. I have decided to clean out all the old files and ideas from the corners of the room and my head, a dusting out if you will and start an unconventional writing project.

Starting tomorrow (evening) I will be writing fresh and new (at least for me) concerning all topics with some not-so-predictable commentary on local, national, and international ideas and happenings. There is no topic that will be off-limits and what I write concerning all that is out there will be what I think and believe.

To all the old (not age) readers thank you for giving me another chance, and to the newbies, I think you will be either delighted, angry, or in wonderment that a person with my way of thinking still exists.

Until tomorrow, good night.



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